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Our mission is to restore timeless pieces.

We Refurb & restore vintage designer pieces from America's Golden Age of furniture production (1950s-1990s). We use non-toxic materials and sustainable methods to restore priceless pieces.

The Refurb is a family-owned business, and our Refurbers are 100% women and minorities.

About Us

We are a dynamic husband and wife team driven by a shared passion for sustainability and design. Our journey began with a search for refurb-ed furniture for our own home. When we couldn't find it, we decided to refurb our own pieces.

What started as a hobby quickly blossomed into a full-fledged mission to transform discarded furniture into treasures that stand the test of time.

Our vision is a world without waste.

We envision a world where no furniture ends up in landfill, where every piece of furniture has a story to tell, a second chance at life, and a positive impact on our environment.

In a world where everything it's easy to throw things out, make the choice to refurb.

Our values





Quality assurance

9 million tons of furniture end up in landfills in the United States, annually. The Refurb helps reduce the unfortunate waste of vintage pieces in landfills. Everything we purchase is locally-sourced and contributes to the circular economy.

World production of furniture creates enormous amounts of trees, plastic, cotton and other materials. Furniture can contain toxic substances that off-gas into our homes. Without knowing it, we are exposed to a cocktail of chemicals. The Refurb uses the cleanest available materials to restore vintage gems and bring beauty and pride to the home. 

All of our pieces are 100% hard-wood, handmade pieces made in the USA. In the 1990s, furniture production was out-sourced to overseas, and the quality was reduced considerably with the advent of MDF, or particleboard.